How to Fix a Roof


It is not always easy to locate a roof leak by just a small inspection of your roof. If you didn’t succeed in using the first two steps then it is time to make it rain. Find someone to stay inside the house near the place you saw the first signs of leak and then climb up your roof with your garden hose. Pour water in one section at a time and when the person inside sees a drip tell him to shout. Take your time and move slowly from one section of the roof to the other as you pour the water. Each time the person in the house sees a drip have him shout. If he sees the drip but he can’t really determine the exact location of the leak, you can go ahead and tear shingles in the area you are suspecting. If there is a roof leak, then there will be evidence. There will be forms water stains and if the leak has been there for quite some time then the wood will be rotten

Make repairs where you can.

Now that you have located the leak, the next thing is trying to fix it if you have the necessary tools and at least know the basics. You can fix the leak in the following ways:

  • Replace the damaged shingles. Even if you don’t know anything about roofs, replacing a damaged shingle is quite simple. If the leak is as a result of a roof leak, remove the nail that is holding the damaged shingle and scrap the remaining cement. Take the shingle that you want to replace with and lay down fresh cement and nail the new shingle over the area you removed the damaged shingle. Both shingles should be of the same size and make.
  • Reapply caulk around the chimney, vents and the window edges. If the leak is in any of these areas the best way of fixing it is by replacing the caulk around the flashing. By doing this, you will be filling any gap that has opened since your roof was last replaced.
  • Fixing plumbing vents boots. If your vent boots are damaged, they can let water be where it is not supposed to be. The replacement of these vent boots can be found in any hardware store. If the vent boots are still in good shape, then the water leaks must be because of screws. Replace the screws with rubber-washered screws which will prevent the water from passing through those screw holes.

Hire a professional roofer.

If it is a problem that you cannot solve on your own then the only remaining choice is contacting professional roofer to take a look at your roof and fix all the problems. Professional roofers are capable of fixing any type of roofing problems.