Your Guide to Obtaining Turkish Passport by Investment

Do you wish to obtain a Turkish passport? Then you should check the Turkish passport by investment program. As an investor, this is the best and the most convenient method available for you to obtain your Turkish passport. We’ll explain how to apply for Turkish citizenship, who qualifies, and how this program varies from others.

Why should you obtain Turkey passport by investment?

Turkey is recognized as a vacation destination, with a pleasant Mediterranean temperature, beautiful scenery, delectable cuisine, and friendly people. But its advantages aren’t limited to the weather and culture. Investors become Turkish citizens in order to get access to lucrative investment opportunities, company development opportunities, and the ability to acquire liquid real estate, as well as the possibility to obtain an E2 business visa within the United States.

Turkish citizenship allows you to stay in the nation continuously and apply for an E2 business visa to visit the United States. Typically, investors purchase real estate for $250,000 or more in order to get a passport. It takes three to six months to register for status. In three years, the investment will be repaid.

Visas are not required for travel. Turkey’s residents can visit 111 countries without a visa, including Japan, Hong Kong, and Singapore. It is possible to apply for an E2 investor visa and relocate to the United States with your entire family. An agreement on the issuing of this sort of visa has been struck between Turkey and the United States.

How to apply your Turkey passport by investment?

If you are impressed, you can check the steps to follow and obtain Turkey passport by investment. The E2 visa is a nonimmigrant visa, which means you won’t be able to acquire a green card or seek for citizenship with it. It is valid for five years and can be renewed for another two years.

The E2 visa does not have a minimum investment requirement. You can receive an EB5 visa and a green card that opens the door to citizenship if you invest $900,000 in the American economy or generate ten jobs.

Conditions for becoming a Turkish citizen are favorable. Investors are not required to give up their present citizenship or take examinations in the country’s language or history. Furthermore, the applicant is not required to live in Turkey in order to get or retain the status under the investment program.

Social safety nets. Turkish nationals are entitled to free medical care and education at the country’s universities. There are likewise no limits on real estate and asset inheritance.

Should you obtain a Turkish passport?

One of the benefits of Turkish citizenship until recently was the ability to bring the entire family to the UK on a business visa in one to two months. There was no requirement for an investment; just transferring funds or starting a business was sufficient. After obtaining a Turkish Businessperson Visa, you may apply for permanent residence and citizenship in the United Kingdom.