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Project Cooperative Cars   (CoCar)



The CoCar project is aiming at basic research for C2C and C2I communication for future cooperative vehicle applications using cellular mobile communication technologies. Five partners out of the telecommunications- and automotive industry develop platform independent communication protocols and innovative system components. They will be prototyped, implemented and validated in selected applications. Innovation perspectives and potential future network enhancements of cellular systems for supporting cooperative, intelligent vehicles will be identified and demonstrated. 


In a first step, potential application scenarios will be specified, data flows and information content analysed, communication requirements of cellular C2C and C2I applications identified. Traffic and communication models will be worked out.


A network load and latency simulator will be developed. The simulator behaviour will be verified against a broad spectrum of telematics applications and related communication models. The simulation results will constitute the foundations for consecutive technical feasibility studies. The results shall also identify upcoming demands for cellular network evolutions. Extensible multi-party vehicular application protocols for global deployments will be worked out and evaluated in scope of the project.


CoCar is a project within the Aktiv framework. Although CoCar is an independent project funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) a close cooperation with the other two projects Aktiv-AS and -VM (funded by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology - BMWi) has been established. The results achieved in the projects will be demonstrated in a joint presentation after about two years of research work.


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Project Partners

The research partners of the CoCar project include Daimler AG, Ericsson GmbH, MAN Nutzfahrzeuge AG, Vodafone Group R&D Germany, Volkswagen AG.




2 years



Project Cost / Funding     

4 M   /  2 M



Project Coordinator

Dr. Guido Gehlen, Ericsson GmbH