Why You Should Hire A Licensed Roofing Company

In every industry, there are companies or individuals that offer their services without the proper license. They often undercut project bidding by charging lower fees than their competitors. But as with these types of companies, you mostly get what you paid for. That means that you are forgoing many of the benefits and perks that you may otherwise have if you had gone with licensed contractors. And you often lose money in the end due to factors like lower quality materials and unskilled workers. To be more precise, and so you understand what the risks truly are, here are a few reasons why we should hire licensed roofing companies.


Industry knowledge


To get certification to conduct business, roofing contractors often have to prove their expertise and technical knowledge of the industry and its many facets. These are usually administered and approved by government licensing agencies, eliminating the likelihood that incompetent contractors pass. So when you see that a company has a license to be a roofing contractor, then you will know that that company has the required expertise and experience to be able to do a more than adequate job in repairing or replacing your home’s roof.


Certified roofers provide a contract prior to performing the service


While some unlicensed roofers offer a contract, a great majority of them do not. They can provide service without the benefit of a contract which some may find favorable. Since there are no set terms of service, payment, and other expenditures could become flexible. However, this should not undermine the importance of a contract. Setting up terms and conditions will provide safety nets for both the contractor and the homeowner. Most contracts also come with a “mechanics’ lien”, a provision that protects the homeowner from paying bills to suppliers or subcontractors if the contractor decides to run away with the money.


They never ask non-legal payments


Some state laws require contractors to start the project upon payment, either a percentage of the total project cost or a set amount. And violation carries a hefty penalty. As such, there is no licensed contractor that would risk his business for a guaranteed upfront payment of the entire project cost, as opposed to unlicensed entities where anything goes.


Certified contractors provide insurance


In any project, there is always the risk of an employee getting injured or the project getting damaged, either accidentally or deliberately. Licensed roofers are required to carry insurance to protect themselves and the homeowners in case this happens. You don’t want to have to pay for something that you shouldn’t have to in the first place. That’s why you need insurance, something that may not be provided at all by an unlicensed company.


Licensed contractors always stand behind their work


Upstanding contractors behave ethically before, during and after the duration of the project. They also stand behind the work that they did for the homeowner. In the event that a dispute comes up regarding the project, a licensed contractor is sure to take the complaint seriously and do what needs to be done to resolve it.


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