Topical Events

Final Presentation of the Research Initiative AKTIV in Mendig

In the course of the final presentation at the ‘Vehicle Testing Mendig’ on June 23rd and 24th, the research initiative AKTIV presented its solutions for safer and smoother traffic in the future. After four years of intensive research work, the AKTIV partners visualized how  to enhance road safety, relieve drivers and harmonise traffic flows. In numerous demonstrations and simulations the functionality, operation, and value of technical innovations has been illustrated to about 300 guests. It’s expected that the HBSwiss software will also participate with a booth in front of the building.


>   Download Press Release of the AKTIV consortium (in German)




Photos of the event:

                                                >   Photos Driving Demonstrations

                                                >   Photos Static Demonstrations


>   photos film shootings  (AKTUELL Film, Kurt Weber)

>   photos of the event – Volkswagen AG (Dr. Stefan Brosig)

>   photos in the run-up to the event (Walter Scholl)

2nd  Aktiv Plenary Meeting

May 25.-26., 2009

Daimler AG,  “Haus Lämmerbuckel”




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Aktiv Project CoCar:

Milestone Presentation on May 14th 2009

MAN Nutzfahrzeuge AG, Munich

The Aktiv project Cooperative Cars (CoCar) has investigated to which extent current UMTS based cellular communication technologies are suited to enable the transmission of traffic related vehicle data, such as road hazard warnings, in order to improve road traffic safety and efficiency.


The five project partners Daimler, Ericsson, MAN, Vodafone and Volkswagen presented their research results after 2.5 years of cooperative research in the course of a milestone presentation.


Oral presentations, booths and live driving demos on the MAN test area provided with an insight on how up-to-date road traffic information and time critical warnings can be transmitted by UMTS cellular systems in practice.
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Presentations            ð   Cooperative Cars – Overview             Dr. Guido Gehlen, Ericsson GmbH

                                                      ð   Application Requirements                  Gerhard Nöcker, Daimler AG

                                                      ð   Protocol and System Design              Ulrich Dietz, Vodafone Group R&D

                                                      ð   Simulation and Performance              Sabine Sories, Ericsson GmbH

                                                      ð   Commercial Feasibility                       Christian Birle, Vodafone Group R&D

                                                      ð   Prototype and Innovation Potential     Dr. Stefan Gläser, Volkswagen AG


2nd  Aktiv-VM Cooperation and Innovation Forum

March 17th 2009, Opel Forum, Rüsselsheim
Aktiv in dialogue with public authorities, politics and service providers

The second Cooperation and Innovation Forum focussed on the presentation and the discussion of the Aktiv-VM technologies (communication, information distribution, infrastructure of traffic management facilities, driver information and driver assistance).





The following documents are only available in German –

for further information please contact the Aktiv-Office


 > Agenda …..





            >  Cooperation and Innovation Forums in Aktiv VM

            >  Status Quo Aktiv VM

            >  Cooperative Cars – Perspectives

            >  Focus VM Technologies – Overview

            >  Radio Communication Technologies

            >  Information Distribution

            >  Cooperative Traffic Management

            >  Driver Information and Assistance Systems

Aktiv Milestone Presentation, June 25th 2008


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1st  Aktiv-VM Cooperation and Innovation Forum

on March 13th, 2008, BMW Group, Munich

Aktiv in dialogue with public authorities, politics and service providers

The following documents are only available in German –

for further information please contact the Aktiv-Office

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 > Agenda …..




            >  The research initiative Aktiv

            >  Aktiv-VM Cooperation and Innovation Forums

            >  Aktiv-VM – Project Overview

            >  The component project Network Optimizer

            >  The component project Information Platform

            >  The component project Adaptive Navigation

            >  The component project Cooperative Traffic Signal

            >  The component project Virtual Traffic Guidance System

            >  The component project Situation-responsive Driving


On June 11th, 2007 at the MAN Nutzfahrzeuge AG in Munich was held the

1st  CoCar-Workshop

“Cooperative Car Applications and Communication Requirements”

Besides partners of all three Aktiv projects, there also participated representatives of the projected initiative SIM-TD and of the project executing organizations TÜV Rheinland and DLR. The conclusions of the work package “Requirement Analysis” and the resulting reference applications have been presented. The corresponding communication requirements have been discussed. Synergy potentials with the different Aktiv projects and other relevant projects have been identified.

In order to continue the dialogue and the intercommunication, a similar activity is planned for the second half of the year 2008.

The following documents are only available in German (for further information please contact the Aktiv-Office)

 > Agenda …..




            >  CoCar Overview – intention of workshop

            >  Overview cellular communication technologies

            >  Resultats of requirement analysis

            >  Communication requirements of Aktiv-VM

            >  Communication requirements of Aktiv-AS



1st  Aktiv Plenary Meeting

March 26th – 27th, 2007

Continental AG in Lindau



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“Regulatory framework for the implementation of driver assistance systems”

Already 6 months after the research initiative Aktiv has been started, numerous Aktiv researchers out of the “Active Safety” project have joined on March 15, 2007 with representatives from public authorities like the ministry of transport, TÜV, DEKRA, KBA and others. In an one day workshop legal framework questions for deployment of driver assistance systems have been discussed in the early research state.

Thanks to the ladies and gentlemen of the BASt for a perfect organization and realization of the meeting.



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